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Living Architecture Designed by CalFol, Inc.

As more businesses become aware of the numerous benefits of adding plants to their office space, living architecture becomes more prevalent. At CalFol, Inc., we have been providing commercial spaces throughout Sacaramento, CA, and the surrounding area, including Nevada, with high-quality living architecture installations for years. As the area’s leader, you can always count on our team for a selection of living plants that will last for years while being perfectly kept by our talented and experienced horticulturalists. Learn more about how living architecture can create a unique atmosphere in your office or retail space.

Types of Living Architecture Installation

There are a variety of ways to use plants and trees to create unique architectural design elements for your office or retail space. Whether you already have a design in mind or you need some added inspiration, the team at CalFol, Inc. is prepared to help transform your space. We have decades of experience combing natural and artificial materials to create something truly unique. Living architecture not only promotes mental and physical health it also allows for incredible biodiversity. Let the professionals at CalFol, Inc. assist with your living architectural design. Our services include:

Green Walls

Green walls are a great way to add a burst of color to any space in your office or retail space. They are especially impressive in large multi-story foyers. Green walls have plants and other plants installed on them to help improve indoor air quality.

Green Roofs

Installing plants and trees on your building's rooftop is not only great for the environment, but it also provides you with numerous benefits, including better temperature control and stormwater management while extending the life of your roof.


Social distancing has created a unique problem for businesses. How to keep customers separated without feeling isolated? Creating space dividers with lots of plants and trees can ensure proper distancing while the negative effects.


With the right planting installation, we can help direct the flow of traffic in your retail or office space.

Trusted Living Architecture Designed by the Area’s Leader

At CalFol, Inc., we have experience creating living architecture for a wide variety of businesses, including retail space, restaurants, and the healthcare industry. Our knowledgeable and experienced professionals have been designing and installing living architecture for over 40 years. Learn more about our services when you contact us today to schedule your free design consultation.

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